Sunday, April 4, 2010



5.3.10 – Narona’s parents observed the school. Her father is working in Krishnagiri and there he has observed many private schools and imagined many things like that in our school. Let us listen to his comments,

’ I am glad to see this school with many equipments which really helps the child to develop his physical and mental skills. My daughter has started talking clearly in mother tongue after joining in this school and also able to sing well and pointing out many objects in English. Herself discipline is very good and we appreciate the staff members for their dedicated work’’


Today based on Indian traditional custom we have performed the rituals for the school land to initiate the building construction in May. When we did the traditional rituals we have received good omens from the nature.


It is very stressful to work in villages like Sendurai where we do not have man power and for the past 1 month we are struggling to get a good bore well lorry for drilling the earth, but we could not get because of various silly reasons. We hope by last week of March we will get the water.

Teachers need to be more conscious about the maintenance of Montessori materials.

Govardhanan has left the school because his mother has shifted her house to Madurai.

Naveenkanna also left the school because of continuous illness.

One new villager has visited us and observed the school to put his 1.5 year old son soon.

Dr.Pradheepkumar and his members are working day and night to apply for tax exemption in India. He will be arriving on April 19th to Coimbatore and the further official processes will be happening in Madurai. We thank Mr.Rajkumar a senior citizen of Kodaikanal friend of Mr.Jeyaraman for his total support for this important activity.

13th and 14th of March- Three of our staff members have attended their second contact class for distance education in Madurai. They are writing their first semester by May and we need to plan the summer days according to them.

We are also expecting a good responsible cook and helper who can stay and care our school because Ms.Usha will be leaving to Coimbatore soon in April.

16.3.10- Ms.Balambikai have successfully activated all airtel sim cards for teaching purpose and all our staff have started using the school phone from today. Ms.Balambikai will be extending her teaching time also.

Today Mr.Arulbalaji [ Madeswaran’s school class mate, our very first annual chief guest in 2008] have donated Rs.18500 behalf of his class mates who gave a huge amount previous year also after seeing the work in school. We thank this BVB TEEN TEAM member for their donation which will be used for boring.


Today suddenly and surprisingly we got a boring machine and the work started in the school land. From 1 A.M, Mr.Ayyannan, Ms.Dhanam Ayyannan and Ms.Usha has taken dedicated steps in directing the lorry and rendered their physical service without any sleep till next day 2 P.M.

We thank them for their tedious physical service and how they were very supportive till we got the first level of water around 4 15 A.M. We cannot forget the moments which we prayed to the God to offer us the required water.

Ms.Priyakannan and her husband were also asked to pray from 4 A.M. We have drilled till 500 ft depth and we have received an appreciable amount of water which is sufficient for school needs and we cannot do agriculture with it. As the land falls into the rocky parts of the mountain slope we are glad and thankful to God for granting at least this amount of water.

17.3.10- All our staff members and children have visited the land and saw the lorry drilling the land for water. According to the Indian custom first pot full of water was offered to the local deity and finally we have stopped around 3 P.M with 500 meters.

Ignorance of the villagers

Our helper is also leaving with this month. She said that she needs little rest because of her sudden change in her health and also she needs to care her farm house.

Let us wish her the good life in the farms.

Same way another helper also just wants to leave immediately after her daughter’s exams to her son without even thinking that already the school is in demand of helpers’ service. So we have very firmly told that she can leave officially only after the report giving day. We also feel bad that we are sometimes strict like others.

Our staff members are searching for good helpers and cooks.

24.3.10 – SreeRama Navami will be celebrated with simple prayers and poojas.


We thank Selvi.Tarunya and Selvan.Advaitha [Chennai ABACUS students] for offering precious old Tamil collections on various topics to our village library.

26.3.10 – Dr.Madeswaran and Mr.Ayyannan went to the land and fetched the water from the new bore well. The water was tasty and we thank Mother Nature for offering the water. The water level is at 20 feet depth from the land surface.

Time long math material:

Today the long multiplication math material was presented to our staff members and we all were doing the multiplication till evening. We are slowly introducing few more math materials.


We are glad to inform that Mr.Muthuraj who got completed just his school finals has joined with us as Montessori teacher. I feel very happy to say that his observation reports about the school are excellent which expresses his depth idea of understanding the philosophy.

First he needs to care his health and he too is a physically challenged person who is very strong mentally. We have spoken to his father about his future. He also belongs to a very poor back ground. But his family is a very calm and good family.

He will be reading the basic Montessori essays and get trained with sensorial and EPL activities. He will be trained by HEAD START MONTESSORI TRAINING CENTRE-BANGALORE soon.

27.3.10- We have visited local electrical board office and enquired about the procedures for getting current connection in our school land. Soon we need to erect a hut to apply for the current connection.

We also thank Mr.Paraman our village electrician who has calculated and given the amount required for all electrical circuits.

After a long time we have introduced high quality floor mats for material placement. We thank Mr.Gnanaprakasam for cutting and trimming them.

Monday, March 1, 2010



This month is a very short month and we too had very important events as follows.

1. We have admitted a child called Selvakumar of 2 years old.

2. Mishal who is in need of a walker support got provided with it from Madras. Srisakthi foundation has paid for it and her father came to Madras, stayed in Dr.Madeswaran’s home and took the walker.

3. We feel very glad to say that with the support of her parents and staff she is able to walk on her own with the walker. But regular practice is a must.

4. Again Mishal and Arunpandi has gone to one of the Trust for diagnosis for the physical impairments and Miss.Menaka accompanied them. We feel very thankful to Menaka for her true lovable service.

5. But Arunpandi has to be further taken to an ENT specialist soon.

6. Mishal’s IQ is good and she can do normal schooling but with one language.

7. Her parents have to seek their Church school for that. The Church father has to admit her with all the special needs for her.

8. Mean while Dr.Pradheep Challiyil has designed a new mathematics material to teach numerical values and he has found his 9 year old son has learned the concept very soon and clearly. So we have planned to design more properly as a toy and to patent it. This design pattern has been given to Mr.Ganesan for a rough plan and our staff will be learning to teach to our school children.

9. We felt very bad that one of our parent has drank well and fought with his wife and expressed his stress upon his children in the school and we are handling the problem in a very delicate way because it must not affect the children emotionally.

10. It is very happy to see Suryaraj a 1.75 year old child has started identifying all the English sounds. This is a new challenge and Montessori has made it possible.

11. We also thank our staff for their dedicated care in handling 1 year old children and their development is very obvious.

12. We have identified the water table in our land and on 28th Sunday we are drilling our land for water.

13. Teachers need to be more aware about the repair of materials and observation. Because observation is an art to explore the child.

14. We expect Dr.Pradheep Challiyil will be giving away the 2010 term one reports and addressing our parents in April.

15. Special and serious steps have been taken by all the members of the foundation to get ATG tax exemption from Indian Government.

16. On 23rd Tuesday the school declared holiday to celebrate the local annual festivals and our staff also participated along with few parents and had many experiences.

17. It has been observed that some children are learning faster than others who were actually learning well and now they are also developing more skills like the older ones.

18. One year old children’s parents have slowly started realizing the need for the early education and sending their babies regularly.

19. On 27th Saturday, we have introduced very basic lessons about computer to our staff and on Sunday we have introduced the Tamil soft ware.

20. Because of raise in the fuel price, we could not get any bore drilling lorry for drilling the land for water.

21. We expect that it will be done on March 6th.

22. Our staffs are eager in learning the new Tamil font and at the same time they need to implement their English skills in the school.

23. We are happy to admit 2 3 year old children. They are Yogambikai and Selvakumar. They have joined on 25TH Thursday.

24. We also thank Mr.Ganeshan for helping us to install and initiate out new laminator machine. Our staffs have laminated well and many pictures were also given to them for lamination.

25. We also thank Mr.MarrappanGanesh for sending the signed sheets of authorization for new AIRTEL cell phone communications.

26. By April 20 or 21st Dr.Pradheep Challiyil will be giving away this term’s reports and address our parents for the very first time as the founder of the foundation.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

This month is just enjoying the heavy monsoon rainfall. For a week we are unable to see the sun. Though we have planned to give holidays parents have protested that they cannot hold the children in the house.

Ms.Balambikai will be joining with us in December. She will be undergoing total observation in our school. She will be presenting her own syllabus based on Vedic studies to implement perfect spirituality in our school. Teachers will be trained for spoken English by her.She will be working for SriSakthi foundation to maintain and check the annual accounts, various web sights and she will be wrting articles about hertiage, culture, arts and Montessori education.

We have asked our staff members to list out one example per day for the sakthy lessons. After a month we will be seeing that.

December 28th Monday will be our second annual day. Few of our children will be doing various presentations before the parents. Mr.Marrappan Ganesh will be our chief guest. We will talk about him later.

Master Saravanan is being observed for his serious attitude issues by HOC. The child is being confused between the parental care and school. Parents were called for meetings. They were helpless.

7.11.09 – Arunpandi is a child in our HOC with few speaking and hearing problems. We have listed out our observations and asked the parents to have a thorough check up with an ENT specialist.

11.11.09 – School auto will be taking 2 turns to bring the children. The numbers of children are high and it is very unsafe. Letters were given regarding the auto timing and routes.

Our house owner has accepted to give the house to run the school for 3 more years from 2011. We thank all our staff and helpers for maintaining this house well.

Few more children got admitted in the second week. But there are many absentees because of fever and cold.

13.11.09- Pandit Nehruji’s birthday has been celebrated as CHILDREN’S DAY. Today sweets were prepared by Usha amma and Mani’s mother has them to the children. Teachers gave a simple talk about Nehru and sang few songs about India.


NEW SCHOOL NEAR OUR SCHOOL.- One of the villager has opened a new preprimary school just adjacent to our school. Our staff members have felt bad and scared about it. But we not worry about any new school because we are serving the village children and not expecting the high fees from them. But if we are going to depend upon the fees structure then we need to worry. But Dr.Pradheepkumar addressed that we need to improve the quality of English especially in the spoken area. He has also reinitiated the online spoken English session to our staff members. Mrs.Balambika will be continuing the sessions after a week.

Dr.Pradheepkumar has visited India from 22.11.09 to 13.12.09. He had a visit to Sabarimala with his Guru and many others. Dr.Madeswaran has also made the trip but not by long walking.

28.11.09- Dr.Madeswaran had meeting in HOC with the teachers. He has spoken very firmly about the working pattern to the helpers who are still not showing true dedication. Annual day agenda got framed and teachers will be conducting the whole festival. Reports were edited and teachers will be doing the fair work. Academics will be entered after second week of December.

Now we have 28 children in our school and many of them are below 2.5 years old and in this December holidays special workshop will be given to our teachers regarding this age development.

We also feel happy that the parents are paying the fees with certain regularity.

We are just aheading towards the third year and waiting for the annual day.

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Today HOC has celebrated Gandhiji’s 140th birthday with simple but sensible way. Children and staff honored him with flowers and lighted the lamps of freedom and nonvilonce. Miss.Menaka delived the speech about Gandhji and Montessori especially about their meeting message in London in 1937.
Then Madurai Seeds trust members arrived and took part in the celebration. Mr.Karthik Bharathy gave away the prizes for 23 children from various schools who won prizes in Navarathry competitions.
After that the trust presented a beautiful joyful cultural program in our school. This is the first time others are involved with our celebrations. But it is very bad that only 4 parents of our school have participated.

From Monday HOC will be celebrating Deepawali festival legends along with regular learning activities.

The legend of Goddess Annapoorani regarding Deepawali which talks about abusing food by young children was narrated daily by the staff. On 15.10.09 HOC celebrated the Deepawali festival with sweets and lights. Greetings cards with Montessori saying regarding culture and traditions were distributed. By after noon every body left to their home.
Srisakthi foundation wishes every one in the school with Deepawali greetings!

The days are running asusual with various presentations. Nature walk, real object presentations, dramas, arts and various other activities are happening.

NEW CHILD: We are happy in welcoming Divya a 3 year old child to our HOC.

23.10.09 – Dr.Madeswaran has observed the HOC to asses the quality of language learning through Montessori system. From 2.5 years we are exposing to the language and mathematics materials. Today we observed each child’s learning process. It is very happy to see many of our children have imbibed the English and Tamil sounds clearly through this method. We appreciate our staff members for the dedicated work. It is sure that these children will be doing their reading soon.


27.10.09 – 1 year and 1 month old child Krithika has joined with us in HOC.

28.10.09 – NATURE WALK DAY.

30.10.09 – Dr.Pradheepkumar’s birthday
was celebrated by planting trees in our land. 7 neem trees were planted and children listened about his life. HOC has prayed for him. We also wish Mr.Marrappan Ganesh for his birthday today.

Sunday, September 27, 2009


This month has enjoyed more than other months because of the grand long 10 days Navarathry festival. Our school has already started preparing for the festival. Legends about the festival were narrated to children and dolls were taken out and cleaned by the staff and children. The festival commenced from 18.9.09.

18.9.09 – Today our school also observed Pitru pooja long with the public. Today is the important day in our nation to offer homage to our ancestors. So our school also remembered people who has dedicated for the growth of the oldest nation along with strong culture and traditions. Ghee lamp was lighted and ‘RAMA’ nama was chanted to seeks the blessings of ancestors.

Ganapathy pooja was done and Dolls were arranged in traditional Golu setting to start navarathry festival.

Notices and invitations were designed and given to schools around Sendurai village and villagers. The school has invited children and public for drawing, Kolam, Speech and Music competitions.

But unfortunately only 23 children from the whole village have presented their work. But the drawings were also not following the topics given. Many poor children have given the drawings in very old worn out papers and charts but we are accepting and rewarding these children for the true interest behind them.

It is very sad that the principals and staff members of many schools have never delivered the message about the competitions. This is the attitudes among most of the teachers. In this context we appreciated our schools staff for their dedication to initiate the child’s talent in creative work.

25.9.09 – Many children visited our school. They were explained about Golu and they explored our HOC and surprised with the Montessori materials. They presented their art work and 2 girls involved in Kolam designing. One girl alone sang a national song with true emotional expression. 2 girls came and delivered their speech. The topic was ‘’ how to improve the life standards of my village?’’
They gave the ideas like no to plastic, using toilets, water harvest and awareness about garbage.

We have decided to reward all these 23 children for their efforts. We told them that we never award first three places but we will tell them the best efforts. We told them that the effort and talent of every child differs. We also told them every effort of man will be recognized by Montessori school.

Ashram Matriculation school staff members have visited our school on 25.9.9 for the first time. Our teachers gave a very warm welcome and gave gifts also. They were introduced with the Madurai seed trust members and respected.

We have requested them to give the out puts about the students who leave us after 6 years and join for grade one class. They were surprised with the way and style we treat our staff members.

22.9.09 – MATHRU POOJA was celebrated to honor the mothers. Swathy’s mother drew floral designs and involved in our activities. Mothers blessed their children and teachers took part very well in organizing this festival.

Ms.Mallika has made her nephew Baby Narona who is 1.5 years old to join in our school.

Today we went to Madurai as a school trip. We took a car and Mr.Nelson drove the car. We have to thank our student Basheeer’s father who has guided the driver in Madurai city and helped us.

We visited the famous old temple of Narashimar in Yaanai malai and then we went to Mrs.Priyakannan’s sister’s home where we had wonderful divine time. They have a very old temple with long history which is connected to Tamil history.

Teachers went to Meenakshi temple and shopping. By noon we had a delicious lunch prepared by the host. We left their home around by 5.30 P.M.

Today we made a visit to a non profitable trust like us which is called as MADURAI SEED TRUST owned by Mr.Karthik Bharathy. He is in this trust for the past 10 years serving for the students of all age group.
This trust is working in a place called KARUMBAALAI which is a slum part of Madurai city.
They are conducting successful after school activities. They are working in a team with 30 members who are young students. We got introduced with this trust by Mr.Pari Ganeshan who has married Mr.Mani’s sister.
We were given a very warm welcome. We were taken to few areas of their trust where we were greeted by children and got exposed to their activities also. This trust is planning with our foundation for few non profitable activities soon in Sendurai and Madurai.

This was the day a big mass saw our work and greeted us out of Sendurai. We have made use of this occasion to honor our staff members for their selfish less efforts to uplift the life style of Sendurai children through the school.

We had a very nice time though it was raining and we reached Sendurai by 10 P.M.

Today around 10 A.M, 30 members from Madurai Seed have visited our HOC. We need to thank Mrs.Usha and Mrs.Dhanamal for preparing good breakfast an dlunch for all these members.

Dr.Madeswaran explained the Montessori philosophy briefly to the Seed members and gave the directions to observe the children working in the environment. Though it was very crowd they admired the children’s every movement and realized the need for schooling for this particular age group.
After observing the HOC for 3 hours we had a very big circle time and gave away the gifts, greeting and enjoyed with sundal dish. Seed members gave away the biscuits and interacted with the children and by 12 P.M children left the school and we had a meeting.

Every member of the trust evaluated the activities of the children in our HOC nad appreciated the Montessori philosophy which is being implemented in a nice way by our teachers. This is very important in our school’s history because for the first time public is seeing our efforts and evaluating us. I feel very happy to appreciate our staff members for their efforts to uproot the Montessori philosophy.
We are giving the most important points observed by those members:

Children are well settled with inner order.
Children have cultivated self discipline by work.
Children respect every thing.
Mixed age group has cultivated good social skills.
Understanding the method of Dr.Montessori.
Many felt that they need to reduce their age to work in a Montessori school.
Good approach to English.
Child’s personality differs.

They all left by 3 P.M and after that we had a meeting with the trust founder and 2 of his members about future plans with our trust. We will be discussing the plans with Dr.Pradheepkumar and we will work after wards.

On October 2nd Seed trust will present a cultural program in our school.

27.9.09SARASWATHY POOJA was performed in HOC by Usha and Devi.

28.9.09VIJAYA DASAMI DAY for new amission and GURU pooja.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Events of August 2009

– We have planned to begin the spoken English program for our staff members through phone line. Mrs.Balambika living in Sreerangam will be conducting this session daily for a month. Later we have decided to extend this to village students.
We need to provide a good walker to our special child Mishal. Dr.Mani said that it can be offered as a free support from one of the American hospitals.
5.8.09 – As we have decided our staff members have started conversing with Balambika from today.
Dr.Madeswaran is editing all the narrative reports written by our teachers.
13.8.09- KRISHNA JAYANTHY FESTIVAL. Lord Krishna is the incarnation of true freedom with unconditional love. His child hood actions were very much admired by children for centuries.Today we have celebrated his birth star with traditional setup. Children appeared in fancy dresses. Staff performed various devotional songs and chanting. 7 parents were involved in this festival. Small feet were drawn from the entrance leading to pooja altar. Children walked upon these foot prints and expressed the joy of being Krishna. Sacred bath was given to the crawling Krishna and engaged in various divine plays. Sweets were offered. Children went home by noon.Kaaleeya nardhanam episode from Krishna leela was narrated to children and parents.
15.8.09 – 63rd INDEPENDENCE DAY.
Today we have celebrated our nation’s Independence Day which is our own freedom to live and serve the man kind. Mr.Ayyanan has hoisted the flag; sweets were shared among staff and children. We have been very keen about the child’s adult’s freedom with responsibility. The HOC must give the right opportunity to enjoy the freedom as described by Dr.Montessori and Mahathma Gandhiji. This freedom must lead any one who is with us to attain the inner freedom of spirituality through value based education which is very rare to get today. After the function staff and children left home.
21.8.09- HOC celebrated Vinayagar Chathurthi festival.
22.8.09- Staff meeting was conducted by Dr.Madeswaran. Minutes of the meeting are as follows:
1. Cooperation among the staff was strongly insisted.
2. Helpers were firmly insisted about their responsibilities.
3. 29th report giving day was planned.
4. HOC will be closed from 30.8.09 to 13.9.09 for term end holidays.
5. Staff will be going out for canvassing for Vijayadasami.
6. Staff will be functioning from 12th of September.
7. Ten days Navarathry festival plan was discussed.
8. The need for vast transport for more students was discussed.

24.8.09- It has been decided that students will be functioning as usual after the end of report day. But after the report day, teachers will be taking off for 1 week in turn system.
25.8.09 – We feel happy to share that Ms.Shanthi has passed her B.Ed degree. Madumitha's brother Balaji has joined in our HOC.
28.8.09 - ONAM FESTIVAL.
Onam is the harvest festival of Kerala state. Our state also enjoys this occasion. Floral designs were made by staff and children traditionally. Payasam was offered as sweet. The legend of Vamana avatharam was narrated by the staff. Children admired the teachers with the similar saree designs.
Today is a very auspicious day. Yes! Dr.Madeswaran’s parents have made a grand visit to our HOC. They have given the freedom of choice for him to run this Montessori school and also to come here every week end. They felt much satisfied with the growth, service and functioning of the school. They have also thanked the parents and teachers for their dedicated work. They have blessed every one with love and bliss.
Except 2 parents all 21 have arrived soon to meet the special guests. By 10 a.m, the festival started with prayer chanting.
Mr.T.S.Mohanasundaram and Ms.Mahalaxmi were introduced by the principal to the mass.
Ms.Mahalaxmi lighted the sacred lamp of wisdom and prayed for the further growth of the school.
Mr.T.S.M has honored Montessori and Gandhiji by offering the garlands.
The school principal has narrated how he has enjoyed the real freedom of choice with them.
Minutes of the speeches given by the chief guests:
1. Allow the child to be free.
2. Give the freedom of choice and speech.
3. Do not bribe them.
4. Do not disturb their childhood days with coaching classes.
5. Observe the child’s personality not the grades.
6. Make the child to feel the need to serve.
7. He narrated how the milk production in the state was increased in late 70ies by his work with villagers.
8. The mother has requested the parents not to disturb the childhood days.
Then parents were invited to talk about their child’s growth:
We feel very happy that this time each parent spoke about their children. Children were very happy to see that. We share very important observations given by our parents which is the ultimate result of a good Montessori school.
· Children have started expressing good habits and human culture in homes.
· They have developed the language skills.
· They were able to communicate clearly with good language.
· They are able to identify many Tamil and English sounds.
· Development of numerical skills.
· They wish to address them with respect.
· They are growing spiritually also.
· The children are becoming self directed.
· They are very different from other village children.

Sudeesh mother says,’’ I wish that my elder son must have studied under this system. After seeing my second son’s development, I have understood Montessori system and stopped disturbing the first son. I feel that Sudeesh must have been 2 years old less to stay more years.’’
Mohan’s mother says,’’ My son never allows any one to disrespect him after joining in this school.’’
Saravanan’s mother says,’’ My son has changed me and my husband in being clean, honest and spiritual.’’
Chandraraj’s father says,’’ My 1.5 year old child is becoming very order inner wards in mind.’’
Manikandashiva’s mother says,’’ After observing my 2 year old child, my husband has dropped the plan of leaving this village for 3 more years.’’
Darshini’s mother says,’’ After being in this school, my daughter is walking smartly and talking clearly.’’
Rema’s mother,’’ Rema is doing well in other school in grade one. Her grasping power is more which is because of this school’’.
Reports were given. Coffee and sweets were given. The guests were gifted with a greetings card and clay models made by children. It has been decided to collect the schools fees for a whole term here after wards.
One parent said that many are admiring his children’s growth and asking for the possibility to have Montessori schools in their areas also.
Guests were invited by Saravanan to his poor but richest lovable hut. He has served tea and tender coconuts. The parents showed their thanks for helping and caring this boy.
Guests left the HOC by 12 P.M.
30.8.09- Miss. KALAISELVI’s wedding was attended by all staff and few parents in Madurai. We thank Usha amma for her help to their family during these weeks for wedding.
Ms.Priya and Mallika will be on leave for a week.
Third term of 2009 – 2010 has started. We thank all the staff members for their dedicated work. We wish a happy TEACHER’S DAY on September 5th.

Thursday, July 30, 2009


Children have enjoyed a nature walk. We felt that our staffs are free from the stress of settling them and now they are performing the assistance work according to the plans we have designed during this summer.
Mean while Rajashee’s father have approached us for Transfer Certificate. Though we have given him a letter that the child has studied under us he said that the Convent where she has joined is stressing them to have a T.C.
We need to revisit Government officials regarding this. The parents spoke ill about the school and this was the time I need to talk firmly.
It is very important any institution to convey the facts about various issues to the parents before we admit the child. Though we have given the written forms about the norms of the school some people like this parent troubles us always. Let us ignore them and continue our sacred service to the villagers through Montessori system.
July 8th, 9th and 10th – Dr.Madeswaran will be observing Mullai Montessori Environment in Kalashetra School in Madras to complete his 10 days AMI assistance course.
July 8th – Mrs.Priya and Pranav arrived India, handed over the sacred Prasad from Ammachi to us and many other items from USA and Dubai. We thank her brother Deelipan for offering his son’s dresses for poor village children.
9.7.09- Pranav has sorted out very well all the toys, books and dresses which have to be handed
over to poor children in Sendurai village. He too has written a letter to our staff and children. He has given few packets of biscuits.
11.7.09- Dr.Madeswaran has observed HOC based on AMI style and gave the repot to his staff after 3 hours. They HOC conducted meeting to analyze about the various aspects of the school. Teachers have analyzed their own work and discussed more about Montessori philosophy.
We observed Sudeesh doing arithmetic material till 10,000. He is able to make quantities with any number.
Mean while Saravanan who has abstracted only till 10 has started doing addition, subtraction, division and multiplication with counters.
Teachers were amazed to see the progress of this special child through Montessori system.
Cloths and snacks brought by Pranav were distributed to all the children. Few toys were given secretly to few poor children.
after doing B.Ed has rejoined with us though an other school called her with more salary. She said that she is very relaxed and stress less in our school. Than that she said that she likes Montessori philosophy very much. But she needs to be very grace to her own son.
We have presented again mathematics materials and language to staff.
All the staff members have applied for degree in MKU in Madurai. On Tuesday they are paying the fees. We are glad to greet them for their education. We feel proud to say that Srisakthi Foundation is giving the space for village girls to educate for their future.
We have assured them about the required leave they need for education.
12.7.09- Today we have planned the AADi month festivals. WE have presented the drama of churning the ocean which is linked with cosmic studies. SreeAandal’s festival will be celebrated on 25th Saturday.
Varalaxmi festival and lamp festival will be celebrated together on July 31st.
Aandichaami a 3.5 year child who was delaying with speech has started talking well after living in Montessori environment for 2 weeks.
· Children were taken to a local mountain side where a village God is worshipped. Immediately on seeing the shrine children have started chanting the slokas.
· Children were crying ‘’ mountain! mountain!’’ In English after seeing the huge green mountain.
· Many children were singing most of the songs taught in the school.
· 1.5 year old Surya called a cow in its English name.
· A child called her friend to show the garden lizard.
· Children saw Marygold flowers getting harvested and said that all will be made into garlands.
· Arunpandi saw a tractor and said that it will be used for ploughing the farms.
· Children were taken to a near by farm to see the Brinjal harvest.
· One elder child pampered the new younger child who is crying and made her to eat.
· Madhumitha said sorry when she got dashed with Arunpaandi.
· 2 year old Naveen said to his friend that he will eat only after chanting the prayers.
· When continents were displayed, 2.5 years old Basheer screamed ‘’ yellow color Asia, yellow color Asia!’’
· When they were coming back, Sudeesh saw a hen and sang the song about chicken.
· Naveen also said that the hens are living very friendly.
· Saravanan showed the dark clouds and said that they have drunk lot of water.
· 1.25 year old Melwin removed a dry leaf by himself from the garden by himself.
· Naveen identified the sound ‘’A’’ which has been written on a jack fruit.
· When Saturn planet was presented, T.Darshini showed her red bangle and linked the red ring.
· The elder most Samydurai insisted his friend to wind up when they heard the bell sound.
· When children saw the chillies Divyadarshini said it in English and said that she saw in the village market.
· Saravanan saw the greens and said that his house has lot of greens and his mother cooked them by morning.

13.7.09 – THE DAY TO MOURN
Today Ms.Sujee has passed away in Coimbatore. She is around 35 years old. She has a 5 year old child. She was suffering from Cancer and took treatment under Dr.Pradheepkumar. But she has passed away today.
By Ammachi’s grace, Priya and Ganesh visited her yesterday and offered the sacred prasadhams from Ammachi and chanted all sacred slokas. HOC is observing prayers for her soul and to support her husband and child.
We are much worried about the child!

16.7.09- One of my Chennai students Sruthy and her sister Neha have donated lots of books to our school. It is a great collection but at the same time that our school is not making use of English books sufficiently. So we have to make our mind first to feel light about the language. We thank these girls for their great heart. They are settled in Kodaikanal and we may invite them to our HOC soon.

23.7.09- We are not functioning today because our staffs are going to Madurai Kamarajar University for their degree admission. But we are working on Saturday.

25.7.09- We worked for half a day. Today I have observed 1.75 years old Chandraraj. The observation lasted for 2.5 hours. The observation has made us to think more about this age group.
By 12.30 every body left and we sat for the meeting. I am happy about the way in which the adults functions. But there were some issues about the helpers and their work.
Usha amma has to pay the rent in Canara Bank here after. She must also pay the current bill and relieve Mani’s father from that.

24.7.09 – THIRUAADIPOORAM festival was celebrated with as usual divinity and children listened to SreeAndal’s legend. Four parents have taken part in this festival.

VERY IMPORTANT SERVICE BY HOC: Its has been decided that Dr.Madeswaran will be conducting English coaching sessions for our teachers who have who have joined in B.A degree in distant education system. This will be extended to other villagers also. This will help them to improve their spoken English. School will be benefited with good spoken English.

26.7.09- As we have planned, the English coaching session started today.. Jeyaraman was also there to inspire the adults.

We are planning to admit one 10 months old child soon.

28.7.09 – A GOOD SOUL HAS LEFT US!!!- Mr.Krishnamoorthy uncle [82 years old] has merged with cosmic truth. He has been always praying for our school and gave much moral support. We are chanting ‘’SREE RAMA JAYAM’’ on 30.7.09 for his soul.

31.7.09- FESTIVAL OF WEALTH: Today VARALAXMI POOJA is celebrated in HOC with simple rituals but with great depth of spirituality. Goddess of wealth has been worshiped for more wealth to SreeSakthi Foundation to extend its service to man kind. Parents showed good interest today.
Drama of churning the ocean was narrated with models for the past 1 week. This story talks about creation of living beings from the ocean by Goddess Mahalaxmi.